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nonnegative integer:
One of the numbers zero, one, two, three, . . . . Contrast with natural number.

nonnumeric literal:
In COBOL, the term for string literal.

nonprint function:
The function that allows the disengagement of a printing mechanism on a calculator.

nonprocedural language:
A programming language that provides the means to state what is to be achieved by the actions of a data processing system without giving specific statements or instructions to be executed in a specific sequence.

Pertaining to a device whose functions cannot be changed by modifying instructions contained within it.

nonprogrammable calculator:
A calculator whose program cannot be changed by the operator.

nonprogrammable terminal:
A user terminal that has no independent data processing capability. Synonymous with dumb terminal.

nonreceipt notification:
An interpersonal notification that reports to the originator a failure to receive, a failure to accept, or a delay in reception of an interpersonal message.

non-reflective screen:
Synonym for antiglare screen.

nonreturn-to-reference recording (NRRR):
The recording of bits such that a 1 (or a 0) in a pulse without a return to the reference condition between pulses. Contrast with return-to-reference recording.

nonreturn-to-zero (change) recording (NRZ(C)):
Nonreturn-to-zero recording where the reference is zero; that is, a 1 is of one polarity and a 0 is the opposite polarity. (Figure 44 - Nonreturn-to-zero (change) recording).

nonreturn-to-zero change-on-ones recording (NRZ-1):
Nonreturn-to-zero recording in which the ones are represented by a change in the signal condition, and the zeros are represented by the absence of a change. This method is called "mark recording" because only the one or mark signals are explicitly recorded. Synonymous with nonreturn-to-zero (mark) recording. (Figure 45 - Nonreturn-to-zero change-on-ones recording).

nonreturn-to-zero change-on-zeros recording (NRZ-0):
Nonreturn-to-zero recording in which the zeros are represented by a change in the signal condition, and the ones are represented by the absence of a change.

nonreturn-to-zero (mark) recording (NRZ(M)):
Synonym for nonreturn-to-zero change-on-ones recording.

nonreturn-to-zero recording (NRZ):
Recording when there is no return-to-zero balance between pulses.

nonvolatile storage:
A storage device whose contents are retained when power is cut off.

Synonym for no operation instruction.

no operation instruction (no-op):
An instruction whose execution causes the computer to perform no other operation other than to proceed to the next instruction to be executed.

A logic operator having the property that if P is a statement and Q is a statement, then the NOR of P, Q is true if both statements are false, false if at least one statement is true. NOR (P,Q) is often represented by a combination of OR and NOT symbols, such as ~ (P v Q). NOR (P,Q) is also called neither P nor Q. Synonymous with NOT-OR.

NOR gate:
A gate that performs the Boolean operation of nondisjunction. For Boolean variables assuming values of 0 or 1, a NOR gate outputs a value 0 if one or more of its input values are 1; it outputs a value 1 only if all input values are 0.

normal-direction flow:
A flow direction from left to right or top to bottom on a flowchart.

In databases, the process of transforming a relation into one or more simpler relations free of attribute redundancies or inconsistencies in order to support referential integrity.

In a floating-point representation, to make an adjustment to the coefficient and the corresponding adjustment to the characteristic to bring the coefficient within some prescribed range, the real number represented remaining unchanged. The number zero cannot be normalized.

normalized device coordinate (NDC):
A device coordinate specified in an intermediate coordinate system and normalized to some range, typically 0 to 1. A display image expressed in normalized device coordinates lies in the same relative position on any device space.

normalized form:
The form taken by a floating-point representation where the real number has been normalized. Synonymous with standard form.

normalized transformation:
In computer graphics, a coordinate transformation from world coordinate to normalized device coordinate.

normal mode rejection:
The capability of an amplifier to suppress the effect of the normal mode voltage.

normal mode voltage:
That unwanted part of the voltage, between the two input connection points of an amplifier, that is added to the voltage of the original signal.

NOR operation:
Synonym for nondisjunction.

network operating system.

A logic operator having the property that if P is a statement, then the NOT of P is true if P is false, false if P is true. The NOT of P is often represented by P, -P, ¬P, P'.

Synonym for NAND.

NOT-AND operation:
Deprecated synonym for nonconjunction.

The registration of data with a trusted third party that allows the later assurance of the accuracy of the data's characteristics such as content, origin, time, and delivery.

A set of symbols, and the rules for their use, for the representation of data.

NOT-BOTH operation:
Synonym for nonconjunction.

notebook computer:
A portable computer that is approximately the size of a standard 3-ring notebook binder; approximately 25 x 29 x 5cm (10 x 11 x 2in.).

NOT gate:
A gate that performs the Boolean operation of negation. For a Boolean variable assuming values of 0 or 1, a NOT gate outputs a value 1 for an input value 0 and outputs a value 0 for an input value 1.

In networking, information emitted by a managed object relating to an event that has occurred within the managed object.

NOT-IF-THEN operation:
Synonym for exclusion.

NOT operation:
Synonym for negation.

Synonym for NOR.

NOT-OR operation:
Deprecated synonym for nondisjunction.

nonreturn-to-reference recording.

nonreturn-to-zero recording.

nonreturn-to-zero change-on-zeros recording.

nonreturn-to-zero change-on-ones recording.

nonreturn-to-zero (change) recording.

nonreturn-to-zero (mark) recording.

N-tuple length register:
N registers that function as a single register; for example: double-length register, triple-length register, quadruple-length register. Synonymous with N-tuple register.

N-tuple register:
Synonym for N-tuple length register.

That part of a control program that is resident in main storage. Synonymous with resident control program.

The null character.

A data item or a record for which space has been allocated but for which no value currently exists.

null address:
In a frame an address that is not associated with any entity. A null address may be used for maintenance purposes.

null character (NUL):
A control character that may be used as a filler and that may be inserted into or removed from a sequence of characters without affecting the meaning of the sequence; however, equipment control or format may be affected by this character.

null modem:
A cable that enables two computers to communicate without the use of modems.

null pointer:
A pointer that explicitly does not point to any data object. Depending on the programming language, the null pointer has a representation called "nil", "null", etc.

null string:
A string that contains no elements.

A mathematical entity that may indicate quantity or amount of units.

number representation:
A representation of a number in a numeration system. Synonymous with numeration.

number representation system:
Synonym for numeration system.

A discrete representation of a number; for example, the following are four different numerals that represent the same number, i.e., a dozen, by the methods shown:
Twelve by a word in the English language;
12 in the decimal system;
XII by a Roman numeral;
1100in the binary system.

Synonym for number representation.

numeration system:
Any notation for the representation of numbers. Synonymous with number representation system.

Pertaining to data that can be expressed by numbers, or to processes and functional units that use such data; for example: physical quantity, mathematical quantity. Synonymous with numerical.

Synonym for numeric.

numerical analysis:
The study of methods for obtaining useful quantitative solutions to problems that have been expressed mathematically, including the study of the errors and bounds on errors in obtaining such solutions.

numerical control (NC):
A technique of operating machine tools or industrial processes, the motion or sequence of which is determined by numerically coded commands. These commands may be generated by a computer-aided design and manufacture system on a data medium that controls a machine tool or an industrial process.

numeric character:
Synonym for digit.

numeric character set:
A character set that contains digits and may contain special characters, but usually not letters.

numeric code:
A code whose application results in a numeric code set.

numeric code set:
A code set whose elements are constructed from a numeric character set. Synonymous with numeric code element set.

numeric data:
Data represented by numerals.

numeric literal:
A literal composed of digits and other characters used in number representation and that is amenable to conventional arithmetic operations.

numeric representation:
A representation of data by numerals.

numeric type:
A scalar type, each data object of which represents an integer or an approximation of a real number.

numeric word:
A word that consists of digits and possibly space characters and special characters; for example: the string "33 (1) 42 91 55 55" as written for the AFNOR telephone number.

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